Marine Growth & Corrosion Removal - Structural Jetty Piles


IAS Group was contracted to provide remediation services for raked and vertical main jetty piles supporting a large, near-shore loading wharf in Australia.

Using rope-access tool deployment techniques, IAS Group removed extensive hard and soft marine growth from varying diameter piles using its proprietary Marine Growth Removal and Inspection Technology.


The projects had the following specifications:

Structure Loading Jetty
Diameter of Piles 762 and 914mm
Design Pressure < 40, 000 psi
Application Type Marine Growth, corrosion and degraded coating removal
Operating Environment Splash Zone - In air and in water, +8 to -15 metres relative to mean water level
Surface Preparation Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting to expose original surface profile
Quantity of Piles 120 raked and vertical piles


  • The solution comprised a fully automated cleaning and inspection tool utilizing high pressure water to remove extensive hard marine growth and other surface contamination.
  • The solution was further supported with the ability to subsequently deliver anti-corrosion protection or, fully Engineered and Code Compliant structural composite repairs.


  • Safety: Remotely operate system with no divers required
  • Efficiency: fast, consistent and repeatable cleaning process with no down time due to weather, tidal or visibility disruption.
  • Cost: significantly reduced due the removal of cost associated with diving operations.
  • Quality: Consistent high quality surface preparation using only high pressure water.


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