Technowrap Splashzone™ - 12" Gas Riser


A 12" gas riser had a 1 meter (axial length) temporary clamp in place that had been in service longer than its 2 year design life. The client wished to reinstate the integrity of this section of the riser. An engineered TechnowrapTM composite repair, encapsulating the clamp, was proposed to provide an extension to the design lifetime of this section of riser until a replacement could be fabricated and installed.


The line had the following specifications:

Structure 12" Gas Riser
Surface Preparation Sa 2.5
Class Approval N/A
Design Pressure 120 Bar
Design Temperature 600C
Application Temperature 150C
Design Life 10 years
Wrap Length 1,500 mm
Pipe Diameter 300 mm
Geometry Temporary clamp
Corrosion Type External
Defect Details Wall thinning


  • Rope access at all times
  • Technowrap Splashzone™ and filler material used to smooth blunt geometry locations


  • No hot work required to complete the repair
  • No shut-down required, maintaining platform productivity
  • Technowrap 2K™ Splashzone provides the flexibility to operate in a splashzone (wet or subsea locations) and deal with challenging conditions in this area
  • Documented QA/QC procedures provide an excellent record of the repair materials and application process for future reference


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