Large Diameter In-Tank Repair on Ropes


An in-situ repair was required to reinstate the integrity of a leaking sea-water ballast tank caisson. The application environment was hot with high relative humidity.

The repair site was 6 meters above base level of the tank, requiring the work to be carried out on ropes.


The line had the following specifications:

Structure Ballast Tank Caisson
Surface Preparation Sa 2.5
Class Approval ABS & Lloyds
Design Pressure 300 kPa
Design Temperature 900C
Application Temperature 300C
Design Life 10 years
Wrap Length 1.2 m
Pipe Diameter 1.1 m
Geometry Pipe, metal clamp, bolts, and seal nut
Corrosion Type Internal
Defect Details 100 mm circumferential slot


  • Confined space and rope access trained personnel were required
  • Temporary clamp used to seal live leak
  • Technowrap 2K™ HA system used to wrap the large diameter pipe and temporary steel clamps, which created complex geometries
  • Fatigue management system employed due to the hot and humid environment inside the ballast tank
  • Detailed QA/QC procedures captured repair details for future reference


  • No hot works required
  • The Applicator's extensive experience ensured the wrap was applied to a high quality despite quick curing times due to the application temperature
  • A commitment to the Client's safety processes and ongoing communication ensured the job was completed safely with high productivity
  • Careful monitoring and documenting of QA procedures ensured a high quality wrap despite the high ambient temperature and relative humidity

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