iasgroup is a specialised asset integrity, preservation & decommissioning solutions provider.

Integrity & Preservation Services

We are a leader in delivering optimal quality, efficiency and safety. We do this through our market leading cleaning (UHP water jetting), surface preparation and protective coating services.

Production Critical Services

Through our innovative "cold work" repair technologies we are able to deliver high quality, rapid response repairs. These technologies allow for long term design life solutions with no or minimal production loss.


Our best-in-class engineering capability provide optimal automation for our services that deliver additional value-add, through improved process safety and efficiency. Our automation capability extends across onshore, topside, in the splash zone or subsea.

iasgroup services

A leader in developing and delivering innovative solutions for assets in the oil & gas, mining, public infrastructure and industrial sectors. We create value for our clients through improved safety, life extension, cost effectiveness, all whilst mitigating the need for production downtime.