SitejacketTM Riser Splash Zone Protection


On an offshore facility in North Western Australia, mechanical damage and coating degradation exposed metal substrate on both a 6" and 8" risers in the splash zone.

The wall thickness of the risers was compromised due to exposure to the corrosive marine environment resulting in rapid external corrosion.

The riser environment was hot and humid, making traditional coating solutions not possible to be applied without significant atmospheric controls.


The project had the following specifications:

Structure 6" & 8" Risers
Application Type FRP protection
Operating Environment Splash Zone
Quantity 2 Risers
Design Temperature 65oC
Design Life 5 years
Surface Preparation Sa2.5
Weight of Repair 5kg half shells
Corrosion Type External


  • Pre-manufactured 6" and 8" Sitejackets were constructed with glass fibre infused with resin for a durable, flexible jacket
  • Sitejackets were installed and sealed, then injected with a proprietary resin through a staged process from the base for superior performance when compared to traditional coating or wrap solutions


  • No production down time
  • SitejacketTM provides a long term, robust, reliable highly impermeable barrier which prevents further corrosion
  • Improved safety - SitejacketTM uses lightweight materials and no hazardous equipment, while the epoxy resin is injected through a fully enclosed system
  • Cost effective - SitejacketTM was installed by a single application specialist and eliminated the need for regular protective coating solutions that are continuously subjected to degradation

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