Diverless SitejacketTM Steel Pile Strengthening & Protection


The North West region of Western Australia is acknowledged as having one of the highest tidal movements in Australia with a maximum tidal range in excess of 7m. This abnormally high tidal range, coupled with year round high temperatures and humidity, presents the challenge of having a rapidly corroding splash zone region in excess of 3m.

A wharf asset in this region had significant localised corrosion with deep pitting on the surface on many piles, requiring structural strengthening and protection. The presence of unique doublers on each piling, required a customised solution preventing further corrosion.


The project had the following specifications:

Structure Steel circular tubes with doublers
Application Type FRP remediation
Operating Environment Splash Zone
Quantity Multiple piles
Dimensions 560mm - 620mm
Compressive Strength 550kPa
Design Temperature 65oC
Design Life 10 years
Weight of Repair 20kg per half shell
Corrosion Type External pitting in excess of 50% section loss


  • iasgroup Diverless SitejacketTM solution was designed to provide structural strengthening and corrosion protection in one FRP system
  • Sitejackets were custom manufactured to +/-5mm in our factory in Perth to accommodate the unique geometry
  • Sitejacket's were supplied in lightweight halves, with a foot arrangement for rapid installation


  • Increased safety due to lightweight of SitejacketTM compared to welding steel doublers, and no electrical power requirement for installation
  • Successfully delivered a durable splash zone system that reinstated the steel pilings to greater than their original compressive capacity
  • The SitejacketTM solution was installed at around 60% of the cost of a traditional welded doubler solution
  • No need for load redistribution or interruption to port activities

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