Hydro Excavation

Locating underground services using vacuum excavation techniques

Safe, efficient and cost effective excavation that won't damage underground services

Hydro excavation (also called vacuum excavation, suction excavation or pneumatic excavation) is a technique that uses pressurised water and industrial strength vacuum to simultaneously excavate and evacuate soil. As hydro excavation safely breaks up soil and small rocks, the slurry is removed by vacuum to a debris tank.

Instead of manual or mechanical digging methods, hydro excavation uses water to break up soil, which virtually eliminates any risk of damaging underground utility services.


  • Results in safe, fast, precise excavation that requires less backfill, labour and restoration
  • Water is more efficient when working in tough soils
  • Best practise methods for working in areas of underground utility congestion, eliminating risk of damage to underground assets
  • Often unknown utilities are exposed, saving lives, money and time
  • Reduces disruptions to traffic and other surface activities


Digging trenches for new utilities
Slot trenching
Removing soil from piles
Cleaning silt build up from dams & canals
Potholing to locate existing services
Manhole cleanout
Debris removal

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