Controlled Waste Recovery & Dangerous Goods Handling

Licensed vacuum loading, transport and disposal of hazardous wastes and dangerous goods

iasgroup provides safe, efficient and environmentally friendly hazardous waste recovery and dangerous goods transport

iasgroup's highly trained and experienced team operates a fleet of waste vacuum loading trucks and equipment, enabling us to vacuum, transport and dispose of controlled wastes from industrial sites. This includes liquids, hazardous waste or waste that has been immobilised or encapsulated.

Ensuring environmental compliance is important and we dispose of waste according to EPA/DEC requirements with appropriately licensed and compliant vehicles and drivers.

We also operate licensed dangerous goods vacuum loading trucks for the following categories:

  • Class 5 - Oxidising Substances
  • Class 6 - Toxic Substances
  • Class 8 - Corrosive Substances
  • Class 9 - Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods


  • Assured compliance with all statutory regulations regarding the collection, transport and disposal of controlled wastes and dangerous goods
  • EPA/DEC compliant and approved vehicles and drivers for various waste classes
  • DMP compliant and approved vehicles for various dangerous goods categories


Industrial waste
Oily water
Drain & sump wastewater
Medical & pharmaceutical waste
Laboratory waste
Acids & alkalines
High concentration heavy metals

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