Industrial Pipe Cleaning & De-Scaling

Removal of blockages, scale and industrial build ups in pipes

Fast efficient internal pipe cleaning using the latest water jet technology

iasgroup uses high pressure water to unblock and completely clean scale build-up from pipework, leaving passages free to flow as designed.

20 years of water jetting experience and specialised expertise gives iasgroup a unique perspective, with every solution being engineered to optimise the outcome for our clients. Our cutting edge technologies are suitable for all diameters and materials, and are capable of cleaning runs up to 500m from a single access point, including tight bends.

Our water jetting services can be used in a variety of applications across all industries, including the removal of hazardous materials and oily waste. We offer complimentary services for the treatment of wastewater and disposal of controlled wastes and dangerous goods


  • Safe, reliable, cost efficient, quality cleaning services
  • Minimise downtime and maximise production


Offshore & industrial pipes
Storm water & industrial drains
Heat exchanger tube bundles

iasgroup services

A leader in developing and delivering innovative solutions for assets in the oil & gas, mining, public infrastructure and industrial sectors. We create value for our clients through improved safety, life extension, cost effectiveness, all whilst mitigating the need for production downtime.