Heavy Equipment Cleaning

High and ultra high pressure water blasting for cleaning of large mining and industrial equipment onsite

Efficient, safe and environmentally friendly cleaning for inspection and maintenance on demand

iasgroup is the leading expert in water jetting operations, providing services to industry for 20 years, through its Jetcut subsidiary. With our extensive knowledge and experience in leading pumps, accessories and robotic techniques, we can provide safe high and ultra high pressure cleaning services for just about any type of asset, with minimal environmental impact.

We ensure our team is highly trained and experienced, to achieve professional results across projects of varying complexity and size.


  • Minimal interruption to operations
  • Highly efficient and cost effective water jetting methods
  • first-rate project management ensures your asset is returned to services as soon as possible
  • highly trained and skilled technicians provide outstanding services
  • Dust free
  • Environmentally friendly


Drilling rigs
Conveyors & rollers

iasgroup services

A leader in developing and delivering innovative solutions for assets in the oil & gas, mining, public infrastructure and industrial sectors. We create value for our clients through improved safety, life extension, cost effectiveness, all whilst mitigating the need for production downtime.