Coatings, Corrosion & Rubber Removal

Effective removal of all types of industrial coatings and wear protection

Unmatched effectiveness in the removal of coatings, corrosion, grease and rubber by Ultra High Pressure water jetting

Ultra high pressure water (UHP) is the leading method for removing coatings, corrosion, grease and rubber linings from surfaces. iasgroup can provide services to remove practically any coating imaginable either onsite or at our premises in our blasting bay.

We can also provide vacuum extraction of waste water and treat it onsite to filter coatings with hazardous substances including asbestos, lead and other heavy metals.


  • Effective removal of thick coatings such as rubber and polyurethane
  • Complete removal of residual contaminants - ideal for marine applications
  • Environmentally friendly, dust free process
  • Water can be easily collected and treated on site


Structural steel
Conveyor belt rollers

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