Technowrap SplashzoneTM & Subsea

Unique epoxy composite repair system for use in marine environments

Technowrap Splashzone™ - fast, quality repairs in the splash zone or subsea

Technowrap Splashzone™ is a reliable composite wrapping solution for the repair of internal, external and through wall defects and can be applied in the splash zone or subsea.

Technowrap Splashzone™ has the ability to adhere to wet substrates due to its specially formulated epoxy-based resin and can be used for pressures up to 100 bar/1450 psi and temperatures up to 55°C. Technowrap Splashzone™ is applied by divers, with the potential to use remotely operated tooling to replace divers, dive support vessels and dive spreads.


  • Eliminates significant costs, time delays or loss of production associated with replacement of components
  • Safe, simple installation - no hot work, lightweight, versatile, can be applied in confined spaces
  • Can be applied live - no shutdown
  • Long term solutions (up to 20 years) for reinstating or increasing structural integrity of defective piping systems
  • Corrosion resistant - no maintenance
  • Third party validation including Lloyds and ABS "Type Approval"
  • Flexible solutions that can be applied to any geometry
  • Materials and equipment required can be air freighted to site (helicopter, domestic & charter flights)


Nodes & clusters
Subsea pipelines
Jacket legs

IC Integrity

iasgroup is a partner in IC Integrity, providing leading production critical services and the exclusive supplier and applicator of TechnowrapTM solutions to the Asia Pacific region. TechnowrapTM is recognised as the global leader in engineered composite repairs for pipe integrity and structural strengthening.