Controlled Bolting

A reliable system that removes the guess work from bolted connections

Effective, reliable and safe process to joint integrity

IC Integrity provides innovative and purpose design solutions to ensure that bolting operations are carried out safe, fast, accurate and reliably.

We offer fully controlled bolt tensioning and torqueing, delivering the same load to each fastener in the pattern to ensure each bolt receives the proper share of the load. Effective controlled bolting ensures appropriate joint management and a leak free start-up.

We provide a full service for our clients from methodology and risk assessment through to execution and quality assurance.


  • Consistent and uniform bolt loading ensures joint integrity and leak free start up
  • Increased plant and equipment life through appropriate joint alignment of the gasket and lubrication of nuts and bolts
  • Fast engineering, manufacturing and technical response times
  • Highly trained and experienced technicians ensure safe accurate and reliable services
  • Decreased fugitive emissions with uniform bolt loading



IC Integrity

iasgroup is a partner in IC Integrity, providing leading production critical services and the exclusive supplier and applicator of TechnowrapTM solutions to the Asia Pacific region. TechnowrapTM is recognised as the global leader in engineered composite repairs for pipe integrity and structural strengthening.