UHP Water Jetting

Ultra high & high pressure water blasting for surface preparation

iasgroup is the leading expert in water jetting operations, providing services to industry for 20 years through its Jetcut subsidiary

No matter what heavy industry you are in, ultra high (UHP) and high pressure water jetting is an efficient and safe, dust free, surface preparation method which cleans away unwanted deposits such as rubber, oil, epoxy surfaces/curing agents, marine growth, scale, paint, coatings and corrosion from a diverse range of structures and equipment.

UHP water jetting is most cost effective when removing materials that are difficult to be removed by traditional abrasive blasting, in large open areas and/or where dust can affect other operations. Further efficiencies and cost savings can be achieved with the use of iasgroup's state-of-the-art equipment including fully automated remote tooling options.

As part of our commitment to providing high quality water jetting services that are safe, fast, efficient and effective, with zero or minimal environmental effects, we ensure our team is highly trained and experienced, to achieve professional results across projects of varying complexity and size.


  • Efficient removal of coatings, contaminants and unwanted materials
  • Cost effective
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Removes all oxides & contaminates
  • Will expose original surface key (profile) without damage
  • Lower clean-up costs
  • Dust free
  • Optional remotely operated tools provide even greater productivity gains and safety benefits


Tanks & vessels
Pipes & tubes
Columns & towers
Heavy equipment
Heat exchangers & condensers
Jetties & wharves
Sludge removal from tanks & vessels
Buildings & other structures

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