Oxifree Thermoplastic Coating for Complex Geometries

Corrosion inhibiting coating for the protection of metal components

Reusable and repairable thermoplastic coating incorporating a light corrosion inhibiting oil (peel, inspect, recycle & reinstate)

The use of dissimilar metals, complex shapes and nature of bolted structures make them a breeding ground for oxidisation, that seems totally impossible to eradicate using existing anti-corrosion methods.

Oxifree is a thermoplastic coating system specifically suitable for protection of complex geometries and metallic components. It contains organic corrosion inhibitors, is reusable and provides protection against all corrosive contaminants with the key commercial advantage of remaining easy to apply and reuse.

iasgroup is an exclusive regional supplier and applicator of Oxifree products for the resources sector.


  • Highly durable, superior corrosion protection for complex geometries
  • Fast application
  • Easily peeled off for inspection, recycled and reinstated
  • Prevents contamination in bearings
  • Environmentally friendly


Bearing houses
Splice joints
Bolted connections
Long term storage of equipment

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