High Performance Industrial Coatings

Optimal quality painting and protective coating supply and application to provide maximum asset life extension

iasgroup's experienced applicators and NACE certified inspectors provide lasting, cost effective and safe coating solutions

iasgroup provides high-performance protective coatings and linings to protect a range of assets from corrosion, erosion and environmental degradation from chemical or UV exposure, sometimes in hazardous environments. Our highly experienced corrosion and coating engineers lead the industry in the specification, supply of fit for purpose solutions, while our experienced applicators deliver high quality solutions.

iasgroup can provide a full turnkey solution with qualified and experienced personnel available for inspection, engineering support, surface preparation and coatings application services.


  • Unmatched experience of delivering turnkey solutions through superior surface preparation and application solutions in challenging environments
  • Innovative solutions to best suit your needs, through our expert corrosion and coating engineers
  • NACE certified coatings inspectors
  • Highly trained and experienced application teams


Structural steel
Process & storage equipment
Pipework & pipelines

iasgroup services

A leader in developing and delivering innovative solutions for assets in the oil & gas, mining, public infrastructure and industrial sectors. We create value for our clients through improved safety, life extension, cost effectiveness, all whilst mitigating the need for production downtime.