FBE & Concrete Weight Coating Removal

Removal of pipe coatings for repair & maintenance

Safe and efficient removal of all types of pipe coatings

ias group provides turnkey services for removing all types of coatings, such as fusion bonded epoxy (FBE), concrete and bitumen, from pipes both subsea and in the splash zone. Utilising high pressure water jets, we can remove coatings with high precision enabling non-destructive testing and maintenance to occur.

Our remotely operated tooling and experience allows us to provide optimal solutions for our clients. We create versatile tooling that maximises productivity and safety.

iasgroup tools can perform tasks for longer periods of time in challenging conditions with less staff than more traditional methods of tooling.


  • UHP water jetting via ROT provides the most efficient removal of coatings
  • ROT improves cost effectiveness and safety - removes divers, dive support vessels and dive spreads
  • ROT allows for improved quality as it is fixed in position and is not weather dependent - can operate in large swells and tidal movements
  • Our ROTs can provide for complimentary services such as NDT inspection
  • ROT has the capability of full vacuum recovery, for environmentally friendly removal of contaminants and debris


Pipes & pipelines
Risers, conductors, caissons & jacket legs
Other structures with coatings that require inspection or maintenance

iasgroup services

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