Simultaneous Cleaning & Inspection in the Splash Zone

Remotely operated ultra high pressure water blasting and NDT inspection in tidal marine environments

The ACIT Genius provides unmatched services for efficient, cost effective and safe cleaning and inspection in the splash zone

The ACIT (Asset Cleaning and Inspection Tool) Genius is a fully automated, remotely operated tooling system, capable of simultaneous high quality cleaning and inspection on risers, conductors, caissons, legs and piles.

Ultra high pressure water jetting is an extremely effective technique for removing marine growth, coatings, corrosion and contaminates in the splash zone or under water. This provides the highest level of surface cleanliness (WJ-1) for NDT inspection and application of protective coatings.

Through our partnership with Applus RTD, the ACIT Genius is capable of providing simultaneous corrosion mapping and/or visual inspection, leading to reliable measurements and improved asset integrity and maintenance decisions.

iasgroup continue to set new standards in high and ultra high pressure water jetting for marine environments and have engineered a number of fully automated remotely operated tools (ROT) that provide maximum safety, efficiency and quality with no or little down time.


  • UHP water jetting provides efficient removal of marine growth, coatings and contaminants
  • ROT improves cost effectiveness and safety - removes divers, dive support vessels and dive spreads
  • ROT allows for improved surface preparation quality as it is fixed in position and is not weather dependent - can operate in large swells and tidal movements
  • Simultaneous cleaning and inspections saves time and costs of multiple campaigns
  • Leading edge ultrasonic technology provides unmatched corrosion mapping to 0.2mm accuracy for wall thickness and defect size
  • ROT has the capability of full vacuum recovery, for environmentally friendly removal of contaminants and debris
  • Will expose original surface key (profile) without damage, ideal for coating application
  • No or minimal production down time


Risers, conductors & pipes
Offshore platform legs
Wharf or jetty piles

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