Hydro Abrasive Wellhead Severance

Cutting underwater for removal of subsea wellheads

Remotely operated cutting tools for safe, efficient subsea wellhead severance

iasgroup has been developing and deploying subsea hydro abrasive cutting technologies for close to 20 years. We have unmatched knowledge and experience in delivering bespoke remotely operated tooling (ROT) for the severance of subsea wellheads.

The capability and experience of our engineering and operational personnel is second to none and ensure that our diverless ROT are able to optimise productivity, safety and cost.

We are able to offer customised tooling or existing proprietary tools, depending on your serverance or decommisioning needs.


  • ROT hydro abrasive cutting is particularly beneficial where mechanical tools cannot access - where external obstructions exist or the cut is required below the mud line
  • ROT improves cost effectiveness and safety - removes divers, dive support vessels and dive spreads
  • Increased accuracy and versatility - precision cutting of any shape of almost any material and thickness
  • Flows and pressure outputs can be adjusted and controlled for optimum efficiency


Subsea wellheads

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