Hot Tapping & Plugging Systems

Making connections to existing pipes or vessels without interrupting operations

The ability to safely tie-in to a pressurised system while under full operating conditions

IC Integrity provides hot tapping solutions to maintain critical plant processes while establishing new connections.

Our highly experienced team undertake rigorous project planning and management to provide safe, precise, fast modifications under full operating conditions. We are prepared for around the clock service to your planned or emergency needs.

We are able to provide hot tapping services for a wide range of industries ranging from pipelines and other distribution systems to refinery and petrochemical processing facilities, to industrial piping in mining, water and other sectors.


  • No downtime - maintain critical plant processes while hot tap applications are performed
  • Avoids cutting, realignment and re-welding of pipeline sections
  • Reduction of costs associated with planning and coordination - meetings, schedules, paperwork and labour
  • No hot work
  • Highly trained and certified personnel
  • No emissions released into the atmosphere


Pipework & pipelines
Pressure vessels

IC Integrity

iasgroup is a partner in IC Integrity, providing leading production critical services and the exclusive supplier and applicator of TechnowrapTM solutions to the Asia Pacific region. TechnowrapTM is recognised as the global leader in engineered composite repairs for pipe integrity and structural strengthening.