Ultra High Pressure Hydro Abrasive Cutting

Leader in on-site water cutting services

For cutting any material or shape where a risk of hydrocarbons is present

Ultra High Pressure (UHP) water in combination with abrasives, water jet cutting (or cold cutting) is an effective and cost efficient method of cutting steel, concrete and other composite materials. It is also a safe alternative to using tools where hot works are unsuitable or problematic and is considered best practice for hazardous environments.

Our range of remotely operated robotic tools and attachments enable precision cutting of any shape, through any material of almost any depth.

Our team have the knowledge and experience to design solutions for almost any demolition or decommissioning scope, whether it be in explosive environments, or for hard materials and irregular structures. This technique is often used for modifying or decommissioning plant infrastructure, access to tanks, removing internal and external refractory and concrete cutting.


  • Increased safety through remotely operated tooling which removes operators from the nozzle area. It also does not require hot work or produce sparks, gas or dust.
  • Increased accuracy and versatility - precision cutting of any shape of almost any material or thickness
  • Optimal efficiency - flows and pressure outputs can be customised for maximum performance


Flammable tanks & vessels
Pipes, risers, caissons & conductors
Onshore & subsea wellheads
Wharf, jetty & marine piles
Other steel, concrete and hardened material structures

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