Haulpak Tyre Recycling

Re-cycling Haulpak Tyres for Mine Site Supporting Infrastructure

Reduced waste liability and disposal costs

Large earthmoving tyres represent a considerable liability when they reach the end of their useful life. iasgroup has developed a solution to cost effectively modify these tyres so they may be re-used in mine support infrastructure.

Using ultra high pressure (UHP) water in combination with abrasives, water jet cutting (or cold cutting) can effectively cut through the thick rubber and steel reinforcement to remove the top "doughnut" of the tyre. The remaining tyre can then be filled with earth and rocks to create a high strength structural component, such as windrows or gabion walls.


  • Reduced waste liability and disposal costs
  • Tyre may be used as a cost effective supporting structural component
  • Remotely operated tooling ensures maximum safety - no hot works, operator is away from work area
  • Remotely operated tooling package is portable and lightweight - maximises productivity and cost effectiveness
  • Cold cutting is environmentally friendly technique with no harmful emissions or sparks


Gabion walls
Other retaining structures

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