Diamond Wire Cutting

Cost effective method for cutting a wide range of materials

iasgroup is the leading provider of engineered mechanical cutting solutions

Diamond wire is a versatile solution for cutting a variety of materials, including hard metals, concrete and natural stone. The wire is covered with beads of carbide that have been spaced evenly and coated with industrial diamonds to cut through just about any material.

iasgroup offers a variety of flexible wire sawing solutions for structural modification and decommissioning of assets, both onshore and offshore, with each project specifically engineered to meet the client's needs. Our remotely operated tooling (ROT) enables a fully automated diverless system capable of precision work in the splash zone or subsea.


  • Cost effective solution that can cut almost any material
  • Fast, effective, reliable and safe with smaller footprint than other cutting methods
  • Versatility in cutting angles and accessing difficult or confined spaces
  • High quality precision cutting
  • ROT improves cost effectiveness and safety in splash zone and subsea environments
  • ROT improves productivity and is not weather dependent - can operate in most sea states


Concrete piles & pipes
Steel piles, pipes & caissons
Floors, walls & roofs
Tanks & vessels
Other concrete & steel structures

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