Encapsulation Clamps

On-line leak repair and industrial leak sealing solutions

Sealing leaks on-line and under pressure is critical to maximising production uptime

IC Integrity has an experienced technical team so you continue production while we fix your leak sealing issues. We are well equipped to solve almost any leak sealing issue in all industries.

We are able to provide cost effective life extension from simple banding solutions to plugging systems to engineered clamps. Our leak repairs can also be applied in the splash zone or subsea.

We enclose the defect, retain the product and restore pressure integrity to a wide range of pressures, temperatures and mediums.


  • Leaks are repaired with no downtime or loss of production
  • Avoid expensive emergency shutdowns and improved life extension
  • Rapid response for reliable leak repair
  • Allows you to maintain and increase plant safety
  • Reduces potentially harmful and polluting emissions into the atmosphere


Pipework & pipelines
Pressure Vessels
Flanged fittings
Heat Exchangers
Valve glands
Existing clamps

IC Integrity

iasgroup is a partner in IC Integrity, providing leading production critical services and the exclusive supplier and applicator of TechnowrapTM solutions to the Asia Pacific region. TechnowrapTM is recognised as the global leader in engineered composite repairs for pipe integrity and structural strengthening.