Lathe & Milling

Fast turnaround times for your machining needs

Large machining capacity and experienced operators delivering on time, high quality products

We offer a range of machining services to meet your needs through our highly capable and experienced machinists. We are able to take a concept and develop a viable and cost effective product.

We have the equipment and knowhow to complete your job on time and to the highest quality, whether small, medium or large size batches. We are able to machine a variety of materials to exacting standards.


  • Multiple machines to deliver your product needs on time
  • Experienced machinists that can assist with taking your concept to a high quality completion


Mild steel
Stainless steel

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A leader in CNC cutting and machining services, with over 20 years experience dedicated to manufacturing and fabricating high-quality precision components. We utilise the latest technology to engineer solutions for the mining, construction, oil & gas, marine, defense and aerospace sectors.