TechnowrapTM Structural Wet Layup

Structural strengthening and repair using high performance composite materials

Cost effective life extension for structural components

A substantial number of production assets in the oil & gas and mining sectors are facing operation beyond their intended design life. Utilising our in-house expertise in composite engineering and the unique features of carbon fibre technology found in Technowrap™ Structural Rehabilitation System (SRS) we can offer reliable, cost effective solutions for reinstating or increasing the original design integrity of structural components without cutting, propping, welding or replacing.

Our unique carbon fibre technology's versatility can be applied to complex geometries and is less than one-quarter the weight of steel. This makes it 4 times as stiff on a weight to weight basis, approximately 4 times as strong in tension and has better fatigue life than steel, aluminium or titanium.


  • Eliminates significant costs, time delays or loss of production associated with replacement of components
  • Safe, simple installation - no hot work, lightweight
  • Can be applied live - no shutdown
  • Corrosion resistant - no maintenance
  • Long term solutions (20 years) for reinstating or increasing the original design integrity of structural components
  • Third party validation including Lloyds and ABS "Type Approval"
  • Versatile solutions that can be applied to complex geometries
  • Materials and equipment required can be air freighted to site (helicopter, domestic & charter flights)


Floors, roofs & bulkheads
Beams, piles & columns
Support members, struts, nodes & clusters
Walkways, stairways & handrails
Jacket legs
Bridge & jetty supports
Process & distribution structures
Other structural steelwork

IC Integrity

iasgroup is a partner in IC Integrity, providing leading production critical services and the exclusive supplier and applicator of TechnowrapTM solutions to the Asia Pacific region. TechnowrapTM is recognised as the global leader in engineered composite repairs for pipe integrity and structural strengthening.