Sitejacket™ for Piles, Footings & Columns

Optimal Jacket Performance for Protection, Repair & Strengthening of Assets using Fibre Re-enforced Polymers

Proprietary FRP system with unmatched durability, safety, versatility and cost effectiveness

Sitejacket™ is a versatile, durable and light weight system that can protect, repair or strengthen a wide variety of structures - whether tubular, square or more complex geometries.

iasgroup has designed and developed the Sitejacket™ particularly for piles in the splash zone and footings, beams and columns in corrosive terrestrial environments.

Sitejackets on piles for wharfs and jetties provide unmatched protection, are lightweight and allow for simple installation when compared with other traditional techniques such as doublers or steel jacketing.

Sitejackets for footings, beams and columns provide an almost impermeable barrier to corrosion, are easily installed, mitigate production loss and remove safety related issues that occur with traditional cutting, propping and welding methods. There is also no requirement for heavy machinery.


  • Eliminates significant costs, time delays or loss of production associated with replacement of components
  • Safe, simple installation - lightweight, no hot work or heavy machinery required
  • Can be applied live - no shutdown
  • Significant life extension with unmatched impermeable barrier and no maintenance through corrosion resistant materials
  • Versatile solutions can be designed for more complex geometries


Wharf, jetty & other marine piles
Risers, conductors, caissons & jacket legs
Footings, beams & columns

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