Diverless Sitejacket™ for the Splash Zone

Protecting structures in the splash zone without the need for divers

Long term protection without the cost of divers, dive spreads, dive support vessels or coffer dams

Sitejacket™ is a versatile, durable and light weight system that provides optimal protection for structures in the splash zone.

Sitejacket™ provides a largely impermeable barrier with significantly higher performance than traditional coatings or wraps. This mitigates corrosion, which is often at its most severe in the splash zone due to the continuous interaction of highly aerated seawater and the erosive effects of spray, waves and tidal actions.

iasgroup has designed, developed and successfully deployed a "world first" diverless alternative for protecting risers, conductors, casissons and legs in the oil and gas sector, and piles on wharfs and jetties.

Sitejacket™ involves two FRP halves being placed in a foot ring and clipped together using a specially designed locking system. The Sitejacket™ is then pushed down the pile into position where the foot ring is sealed using our proprietary process. The annulus is then cleaned, flushed and injected with a high performance resin system, bonding the substrate to the FRP jacket.

The entire installation process can be conducted via rope access and combined with our diverless UHP water jetting cleaning tool - providing a complete turnkey solution from surface preparation to FRP jacket protection. 


  • Durability in the splash zone - superior, long term, maintenance free life extension and corrosion protection
  • Improved cost effectiveness and safety - the Sitejacket™ installation removes the requirement for divers, dive spreads, dive support vessels and coffer dams
  • Diverless Sitejacket™ can be combined with our ROT UHP water jetting cleaning tool for a high performing turnkey protection solution
  • Can be designed for protrusions and obstructions
  • Safe, simple installation - lightweight, no hot work or heavy machinery required


Risers, conductors, caissons & jacket legs
Wharf, jetty & other marine piles

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