Carbon Fibre Plates

Protection and remediation of assets using Fibre Re-enforced Polymers (FRP)

Corrosion resistant materials with unmatched versatility and strength to weight ratios

iasgroup is a recognised leader in the design and engineering of FRP solutions to steel, concrete, timber and masonry structures. Our structural, mechanical and materials engineers specialise in FRP applications, where high performance is required in corrosive environments.

We have access to leading proprietary FRP systems and brands, which allows us to provide innovative solutions for demanding projects. These systems may include pre-fabricated components, dry fabrics or pultruded strips, and be applied using vacuum consolidation, wet lay-up or infusion techniques.

We are also able to design and engineer optimal solutions that may require a combination of FRP and traditional materials.


  • Eliminates significant costs, time delays or loss of production associated with replacement of components
  • Safe, simple installation - no hot work, lightweight
  • Can be applied live - no shutdown
  • Significant life extension with no maintenance - corrosion resistant materials
  • Ability to combine FRP and traditional materials if required for optimal performance


Tanks & vessels
Footings, beams & columns
Floors, walls & roofs
Risers, conductors, caissons & pipes
Wharf, jetty & other marine piles
Other steel, concrete, timber & masonry structures

iasgroup services

A leader in developing and delivering innovative solutions for assets in the oil & gas, mining, public infrastructure and industrial sectors. We create value for our clients through improved safety, life extension, cost effectiveness, all whilst mitigating the need for production downtime.