Hydraulic Bursting

Effective process of breaking concrete or rock in-situ

Safe, quiet, efficient fracturing without explosives or percussive tools

Utilising a special hydraulic expansion pack inserted into pre-drilled holes, our hydraulic bursters break up concrete and rock in-situ without the need for explosives or percussive tools.

Our hydraulic bursting equipment has a small footprint and is easily portable, making it useful in areas where access is difficult or where vibration and noise are concerns.

The bursters require a small hole to be drilled or cored before insertion. Once inserted into this hole, the hydraulic bursters generate sufficient pressure to shear small re-enforcement steel as well as fracturing the targeted concrete or rock.


  • Safe, quiet and efficient concrete and rock breaking
  • No explosive or percussive machinery required
  • Small, portable equipment can reach difficult to access areas


Roads & Bridges
Wharves & Jetties
Foundations, floors, walls & roofs
Other rock and concrete structures

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