Condition Survey & Assessment

Industry best practice technical surveys and condition assessments

Our experts provide meaningful reports to implement your remediation strategies

iasgroup's team of corrosion and remediation experts have leading knowledge and experience in technical surveys for concrete and steel.

We analyse the condition of your asset, identify and map the damage, investigate root causes and suggest cost effective fit-for-purpose solutions, if applicable.

Our findings and recommendations are delivered in a structured report that is meaningful to our clients. They combine both theoretical and practical industry best practice, which allow you to make fully informed and appropriate asset remediation decisions.


  • Our combined industry leading theoretical and practical knowledge
  • Our findings and recommendations are based on real industry experience with a strong understanding of production and site limitations
  • Our reports are well structured and meaningful, allowing optimal remediation decisions to be made


Diagnostic surveys
Corrosion surveys
Provision of remediation options & plans
Provision of budgets for remediation

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