Concrete Hydrodemolition

Removal of concrete with no vibration or damage to rebar

Safe, efficient, vibration free concrete removal without compromising asset structural integrity

Hydrodemolition, which utilises high or ultra high pressure water is the most controlled and efficient way to remove unsound or deteriorated concrete. It is also useful in concrete scabbling and demolition.

Unlike jack hammers that create micro-cracking in the structure and can damage rebar, hydro demolition is vibration fee and only removes the concrete from around the reinforced steel rebar.

iasgroup is a leader in hydro demolition water jetting services. Through our fully automated remotely controlled robotic tools we are able to provide the highest level of safety.


  • Reinforcing, pre-stressing cables and conduits are left undamaged
  • Vibration free - structural integrity of asset and adjacent assets is not compromised - does not induce micro-cracking or separation of reinforcing steel from the substrate
  • Precise depth control
  • Provides excellent bonding surface for repair materials to adhere to
  • Increased productivity - removal rates
  • Enhanced safety with remotely operated robotic tools


Jetties & wharfs
Walls & floors
Other concrete structures

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