UHP Water Jet Cutting

Specialist in-house design capability and custom built machinery to cut almost any material and unmatched depths

Industry leading quality and experience with unmatched responsiveness, agility and turnaround times

iasgroup is an industry leader in Ultra High Pressure Water Jet (UHPWJ) cutting with one of the largest selections of water cutting systems under one roof in Australia.

With four unique UHPWJ cutting tables and a large and diverse range of materials stocked on-site, we have the capacity to meet our client's critical time frames and can cut almost any flat material into any shape.


  • Versatility in cutting a wide range of materials with greater cutting depth - up to 100 times greater than laser and plasma
  • No heat affected zones, resulting in superior quality to other cutting methods
  • No or minimal edge clean up
  • Over 20 years of experience delivering the highest quality
  • Unmatched responsiveness, agility and turnaround - largest cutting capacity in Australia and stock on-site
  • Broader turnkey offering - able to offer other cutting services such as laser and machining


Metals & alloys including steel, aluminum, hardox, brass, copper & titanium
Plastics & composites
Tile & stone

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